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Full Access
Email Changeable Account

These are Grand Theft Auto V accounts with the game purchased and full access. Don’t spend more than necessary, other platforms such as Steam or Epic Games sell them for more than 30 dollars, here we sell you them at a quarter of that price.

Basically, it is as if you bought the game on Steam or Epic Games, but for a much cheaper price. It’s an Epic Games account with the GTA V Premium Edition game purchased, full, original, legal, and a completely new account. You are the first person to play with the account and it’s yours alone. You can access the email and change all the information of the account (for example change the email, password, username, etc).

These accounts are very useful if you have been banned and want to play again at a low cost or if you would like to be modding on an extra account. Anyways, other people also buy them to have a backup account or just to play at a very low price.